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LINE BARCELONA, by applying a collaborative work philosophy, we aim for the maximum exploitation of the BIM tool, in order to achieve constant improvement, minimize waste and maximize product value defined by the client. With the development of the Integrated Project Delivery (from now on IPD) we integrate Lean and BIM (Building Information Modelling). The use of both platforms in one project allows us to work more collaboratively and integrated, making the decision making process easier.

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We develop and make all sorts of construction projects, not only for private clients but also for Corporations and communities
We take care of everything, starting from the initial study and delivering the final work up and running. Always working with the latest technology and most efficient methods.

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Built-in architectural projects, engineering and interior design, always a closed price and key on hand WITHOUT ANY DEVIATION.


LINE BARCELONA and InerZia are getting together to develop control projects in flats and buildings personalised for each client type. The projects are in compliance with the following objectives:
client. The projects are based on the fulfillment of three objectives:



The following companies actively collaborate in the realization of our projects



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